The Divorce Dilemma

This is a story where a young girl's dreams turn into a nightmares when the love of her life turns into a monster. But is it all that simple or are there other forces at work here? Who can tell? On the surface it looks as though Kate is the victim of abuse and sexual harassment perpetrated by her husband. Is he really that sexually deviant or is Kate's youth and  sexual inexperience magnifying what is a perfectly normal situation? This tale is loosely based on a true story where love diminishes rapidly and the marital relationship devolves into one of terror and loss of control. 

Watch for the publication of this romantic thriller in late 2016.

A valuable resource for authors and writers is that of other people's experiences.  I would be very interested in hearing from you, the readers, of  any experiences you would like to share with me and other readers. The scale of atrocities, which people experience in contentious marital situations, are enormous and oftentimes go unheeded by those who should care. Do you think  the application of the law often fails individuals in the event of marital cruelty and sexual terrorism? How would you feel when trying to divorce an individual who completely controls the family assets and wealth?  What do you think of parents who use their children as pawns for personal gain in the divorce proceeding? These and many other thorny questions plague the protagonist in this story. Somehow or other, I know things are not as they seem and no doubt in time the truth or a version thereof will finally emerge. The subject matter of this work is harrassing, emotionally draining and difficult to write about.

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