Work in Progress



Things are heating up in the Harrington Warrior's life as Tom, the Great Fire Chief organises the rescue of his two younger sisters, Marie and Barbara from a pretend burning 'house'. Unbeknownst to the organisers of the rescue, someone had actually set the 'house' on fire. Luckily, both girls, who has very long hair were rescued in time before they sustained any injuries. The whole gang were severely reprimanded by Mrs. Grahame, one of their neighbours, resulting in a rather embarrassing outcome.

The book is currently at the editing stage. It will be illustrated  and published towards the end of May 2016




Due to shortages arising from World War II, infant buggies and prams were not available in Ireland for a number of years following the war. When the infant Toni joined the Harrington household, Johnny, the Harrington Dad improvised and made a stroller that closely resembled a Roman chariot. Indeed he made several such vehicles for many of the townsfolk. Their very shape gave the Harrington kids the idea to run a number of chariot races around their back lane, quite unaware of the danger incurred by their human cargo, young Toni and her best friend Ian Ellis. Not missing such a glorious opportunity to make extra pocket money, Pat ran  a betting service with excellent financial results some of which had to be paid in reparation for the 'damage' caused during the races. Despite set-backs, it was a good day for the Harrington kids all round.


 This story will be edited and some illustrations completed by the end of May.